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Time for me

December 28, 2006

My daughter is home from the hospital now and resting. On her way to being back to normal. Time for me to enjoy the rest of my holiday break – in between naps.

My next project is to make this top for myself.


I found a pretty dark teal blue sheer with patterns (I’ll post a picture of it later) that I’m going to try coordinating with a teal blue crushed stretch velvet for the contrast part of the top. Should look nice with the jeans I just got from Forth & Towne – my new favorite store when I absolutely HAVE to buy clothes.

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  1. Tinkerbell permalink
    December 29, 2006 1:51 pm

    I love you mommy. You did the best you knew how. Thank you for loving me so much!!!! Soon im gonna be back singin my lil butt off and being happy with puttin the mer mer on my head marchin around.


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