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New Year’s Eve. Gag me.

December 31, 2006

I’m going on record now to say I hate NY Eve celebrations. I don’t get them. Who really cares? It’s just another day, another year, and the whole social ritual of celebrating the change from one calendar year to another and listing endless resolutions that no one ever keeps is just absurd to me. I never did get the point, and I doubt I ever will.

I’d rather celebrate birthdays. To me, celebrating someone’s life on earth has far more substance than the myriad of ways that people “celebrate” one year changing to another.

I live by the philosophy that I can start my day over at any time, so that extends to my year. If I’m having a bad year (and who defines bad, anyway?) I can start a new year on May 22 or August 15, or whenever I choose.

So, speaking of birthdays… today is my brother’s birthday. Happy Birthday Curt. Tomorrow is my neice’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Phyllis. I celebrate their presence in my world. Even if I am not able to be in the same physical location, they are in my thoughts.

December 10 was my childhood best friend’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Susan. She now lives in New Zealand, but I met her when I was 13 and living in England. We were inseparable from the time we met and I still love and miss her dearly.

Tomorrow is also my daughter’s good friend’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Jenna. She is a good friend to my daughter and took her to the hospital for Stacy’s first surgery last week. I am grateful for her presence in my daughter’s life.

And in two weeks, I get to wish my other brother a happy birthday, and remember my late father’s birthday two days later.

So, I think the following picture of my grandson exemplifies how I feel about “New Year’s Eve”. I’ll cover my eyes and ears.


  1. February 5, 2008 7:58 am

    Amen, sistah.
    Your thoughts on birthdays and starting a new year whenever you want are really lovely, so much better than this dreadful New Year’s thing. And what person in their right mind (over the age of 25 or so) would be foolish enough to host one of these horror shows waiting to happen?
    Seems like you have to experience one to sign off on them.


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