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Rude, much?

January 1, 2007

What is it with people these days? My daughter, Stacy, and I just got back from an outing to Wally World (Wal-Mart). She has 27 staples in her stomach from her recent surgery and walking for extended times is painful for her, so she used one of those sit-down carts that are motorized to get around the store. You should have seen the looks she got from people. The young teen girls and twenty-something females were the worst. They gave her rude looks, condescending, and snobbish. How do they know what’s wrong with her? Do they assume she is just lazy?

And the clerks at Wal-Mart – they must scout out for the rudest, most brainless associates possible. We bought a cheap TV for her room ($78) and asked for help to get it loaded into the car. First it took ten minutes just to get someone to ring us up – and that was while the Assistant Manager stood there at the register on the phone. She totally ignored us – no acknowledgement that we were even waiting. Then once we were finally rang up, the associate just put the tv into a regular shopping cart and walked off. Didn’t say a thing. So there we were left to get it to the front of the store ourselves. Finally we asked the guys at the front to help and we got help.

But I just don’t understand people these days. Is it really so hard to communicate and talk to other people? Is it really so hard to try to look past someone’s appearances and try to understand their situation? This is what I try to do with other people, but I rarely see it returned.

I don’t get it.


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