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Who says blogging makes you isolated?

January 3, 2007

I don’t need another activity that isolates me because my sewing already does that, and yet I decided to blog “just because I can”. However, I have found a benefit to this blog- it brings people closer together. Maybe I already knew this when I started, or hoped it would be this way.

Let me explain what I mean.

I have a sister. Okay, so what does that have to do with a blog or the internet? See, I didn’t grow up with this sister but she is my full-blood sister. We have the same biological mother and father yet she was raised by our mother and I was raised by our father. Our parents divorced when I was about fifteen months old or so, and she was still in-utero. I never knew about my sister until I was almost 26 years old. (I won’t go into the details of why.)

But when I found out I had a little sister I was ecstatic. I always wanted a sister from the time I was four or began having a memory. I grew up with two older brothers and essentially, that was like growing up as an only child. I always went to different schools than my brothers and didn’t – or wasn’t allowed to – play with them. So I did a lot alone. Maybe that explains why I am still alone…but that’s not really the point of this story.

When I finally met my sister, I also met my biological mother for the first time (well, since I was a baby.) I saw that my sister and I have so much in common – not to mention looks, of course. And I am so much like my biological mother who also had a talent and love for sewing.

That meeting took place in the mid-80s and since then, I’ve seen my sister only a couple dozen times, and talked to her maybe a handful of times since then. Even though my oldest daughter lived with her for a while, my sister and I never had the chance to get really close. Not because we didn’t want to, just because we live so far apart and have busy lives.

Since I started this blog, I emailed my sister and told her about it. We’ve talked more in the last week than we have in years. I’ve learned more about what’s going on with her, and she’s been reading my blog daily, thus learning more about what’s going on with me.

So that is why I say maybe this is an inclusionary medium. My sister and I are getting closer through this, and hopefully I’ll get closer to my half-sister and my half-brother too.

At least knowing my sister is reading makes me feel connected to her more.

I like being a big sister – to all three of my younger siblings.

Happy Wednesday.


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