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Don’t do it…you’ll be sorry

January 5, 2007

It lures you, it seduces you, it entices you with sparkles, glitter, and the promise of an trendy, glitzy garment. It’s irresistable.

But it lies to you. It doesn’t tell you that it will smear itself across your laundry room floor when it leaves the laundry after prewashing. It doesn’t tell you that it will continue to scatter across your ironing board, cutting table, chairs, clothing, sewing machine and more, as you deftly attempt to make it wearable.

Just don’t do it.

Here’s the fabric that I bought from a local independent fabric store in a going out of business sale. It’s a stretchy lacy fabric that has a good amount of substance to it (meaning, it’s not a thin lace) and a fair amount of stretch.  I figured I’m make my mother a couple nice tops since she loves this type of fabric. (At 86, there’s nothing elderly about her except her age!)

Glitter Fabrics

So I did the recommended thing and I prewashed the fabric. I wanted to make sure that whatever shrinkage would occur would happen prior to cutting, sewing, and – ultimately – my mother washing it. She’s very grateful for what I make her, but also easily disappointed if it doesn’t fit quite right. I also wanted the fabric to be as soft as possible. Right off the bolt, it was a bit scratchy – probably from the treatment of adding the glitter.

Not even thinking the glitter would be such a mess, I just threw the fabrics in the washer and dryer on my super gentle delicate cycle and cold water. Looking back, putting them in an old pillowcase might have helped. It wasn’t until I pulled them from the dryer that I groaned. Glitter – enhanced with major static cling – was all over the inside drum of the dryer, and then flew out of the lint trap like spilled flour when I cleaned it, and all over the floor.

Laundry Room Glitter

Great. Just what I needed. Another mess to clean up.

But I’m still going to make her the tops. She’ll love them and wear them proudly, I’m certain.

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  1. PSAYLI permalink
    January 15, 2007 8:02 pm

    Don’t I know it..bought glitter stretch purple velvet for a formal dress. It was beautiful but boy did it make a mess…and keeps on and keeps on…making a mess

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