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Where but in Seattle?

January 11, 2007

It seems that when the weather turns inclement in Seattle, the brain thieves come along and steal everyone’s common sense. When it rains in Seattle (duh, like that never happens here) people forget how to drive and act like idiots. That I can pretty much deal with. But when it snows – and we’ve had enough here in recent years to know what to do – people act like they never had brains in the first place.

Imagine this: It’s snowy and icy on the numerous hilly roads around here. Your car slips, slides, and decides to move sideways instead of forwards. What do you do when you can’t go further? Oh right – and you’re on the freeway. Of course! You get out of the car and walk away. There were even reports of people getting off of stranded busses on the freeway and walking away. NO NO NO.

Check out the story from my favorite local news channel. They just reported on TV this morning that the department of transportation had to tow about 100 vechicles before the crews could even start to get through to clear the roads.

And what about the cost of towing? Do people have just so much discretionary income around here that the $150-$200 tow bill is inconsequential? Oh that’s right. We all work for Microsoft and make gobs of money. (NOT this girl.)

Oh. My. God. The insanity amazes me.

I have a four-wheel drive SUV but I prefer to just not drive in the snow. Not because my car won’t make it – although, on ice four-wheel drive is useless – but because of all the other crazy drivers. But, maybe if the towing bill doesn’t matter to them, they can pay my car insurance deductible when they come crashing into me.


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