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When it rains, it … snows?

January 15, 2007

Enough already. I thought the weather person was joking. Uh, no. More snow on the way later tonight. Where I live, that could mean another three or four inches on top of the already unmelted four or five leftover from previous snow. At least it’s not like in 1950 where Seattle had a record 57.2 inches of snow. (Story here.) Although, where my daughter lives, they got about a foot of snow just last week. My thermometer outside on my back fence hasn’t been over 30 in several days.

This time I really AM staying home. Not only is my car heading for the body shop, my body feels like it is too. Chiropractor, physical therapist, and now massage therapist. Well, it could be worse. The blessing in all this is I’m going to be in better health and strength when I’m all done than I have been in many, many years.

Out of adversity comes blessings. Every time. Without fail.


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