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Looking toward the weekend

January 25, 2007

There still has been no time for sewing. Thank goodness that there has been no major drama (accidents or health issues) in my family for the last couple weeks. I’ve been doing my regular routine of going to work, then leaving around mid-afternoon to head to either the chiropractor or the physical therapist.

 My car went to the body shop yesterday (funny, I go to the body shop every day. LOL) I got a car rental and it is so much smaller a car than I am used to that I feel like I’m driving a kids go-cart with my knees up to my ears. I’m trading it tomorrow for a larger, more comfortable car as my car won’t be ready until Monday now. I can’t drive this car as I have to stretch uncomfortably just to reach the steering wheel. Well, I could move the seat forward, but then my knees would be banging against the dashboard.

By the time I get home from the gruelling commute, the not-so-invigorating but healing PT or chiro, and then make a light dinner, check work email and browse my blogs, I’m exhausted.

So, this weekend I hope to sew – well, I guess on Sunday. Saturday I hope to be joining Gaylen at a neighborhood ASG meeting (my first) and then my mother and I are going to see Bill Cosby in Seattle. That should prove to be hilarious. Cosby – not the ASG meeting, although what do I know? I’ll let you know, for sure.


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