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The body heals slowly, the mind re-learns just as slowly

January 30, 2007

Well, this body at least. And this mind – unless there’s an epiphany of sorts at some time. But I’m making progress. It’s the only area in my life right now where I AM making progress. Certainly am not doing a thing with my sewing lately.  Well, maybe also at work, but I won’t blog about work unless it’s in code. Don’t want to get fired, you know…

Anyway, I’ve been going to physical therapy and the chiropractor each twice a week and doing my strengthening exercises in between. All because I have disc degeneration (maybe resulting from a possible compression fracture sometime in the past), a disc bulge and tear, and then to top it off, a car accident in early January, resulting in whiplash. I’ve also been trying to watch my food intake, which is hard to do. I get so exhausted from dealing with the back pain that all I want is comfort, and I tend to look to food for that.

This weekend was a very rough one on me physically. First of all, I’m driving a rental car because my car is in the shop. I hate rental cars. They never “fit” like your own car does. the point is, though, that I really did too much this weekend.

First mom had a party Friday night, and I went, even after a long day at work and my back was already bad then. Next, on Saturday mom and I went to Seattle to the Bill Cosby concert. Man was that good but it was 2-1/2 hours of sitting without a break. Also, it’s an hour drive to Seattle from where I live and too long driving is not good on my back. Then Sunday I drove even more (duh…. what WAS I thinking?) to show off my daughter’s puppy to the rest of the family.

Consequence? Monday I had to stay home and work from home because my back was so bad. Why I don’t remember to put myself first and listen to my body, I don’t know. Because old habits die hard, and it takes a long time to retrain the body and mind.

Progress is slow, but there IS progress. At least my physical therapist sees it. So do I, to an extent. But when I have bad days like the last few, I just feel hopeless. It’s hard to see the light. But I am steady and I always persevere. It takes a lot to keep me down.


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