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And the theme of the week is: Dogs

January 31, 2007

Seems like dogs are pup-ular these days. (Yes that was a deliberate misspelling.) One of my favorite blogs, Stitches and Seams, has been sharing about her new puppy. Another blog, Gorgeous Things, followed suit. And of course so did I, earlier this week. So, to keep the theme going, here are some more pictures of our cute new family member. I have taken to her and enjoy the laughter she brings as she chases the cats who are twice her size. They are so great to put up with her. She bites Merlin’s tail, and Merlin nibbles her ear back. It’s hilarious to watch these cats run from this little squirt of a puppy.

My mom’s cat Timmy being territorial and inquisitive:

Trixie and Timmy

My darling grandson Cayden holding Trixie, who was the first puppy he ever held:

Trixie and Cayden

My sweet granddaughter, Elise, being a perfect puppy mommy:

Trixie and Elise

Trixie in her new ride:

Trixie’s Truck

Don’t you just LOVE babies and puppies? I sure do.

Kissable Trixie and Cayden

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  1. February 1, 2007 5:29 am

    Those pics are so sweet! We’re still in puppy love here too. We’ve only had Chili a week but I don’t know how we lived before he was a part of our family.

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