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Tomorrow (Feb 2) is National Wear Red Day

February 1, 2007

I live under a rock most of the time, but I crawled out long enough to hear about this. More details here, but I’m going to wear red. My father had heart disease when he was only seven years older than I am now. Also, my mother has been living wonderfully with an artifical titanium valve for around the last ten years or so. (Not sure how long exactly, I lost track.)

I just hope tomorrow isn’t “Seeing Red” day. I have some PITA (pain in the a$$) people to deal with at work tomorrow and the juvenile and passive aggressive behavior really drives me insane. I get tired of little primadonnas thinking they can arm wrestle me with their smarts when they so easily make themselves look stupid by going off on their own bent without adequate information. Then there’s the system engineers who are so anti-Microsoft software that they have to keep making snide comments and blatantly refuse to work within the intranet system we’ve just delivered them. Which, by the way, is miles ahead of what they had before. It’s the few that make it bad for the majority.

My mantra tomorrow will be “Listen, listen, listen” and “Pause before reacting”.


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