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New patterns that grew feet

February 2, 2007

And jumped into my purse today. And of course, why  not?

First, Simplicity 3925

Trixie Accessories

(And what’s the point of the shoe in that one picture? Maybe to show how relatively small the dog is?) 

 And then Simplicity 4235

Trixie Wardrobe

Okay, so I’m easily distracted. Blame my ADD. Whatever. Maybe I’ll love sewing little tiny costumes or get so irritated fiddling with tiny hems that I toss it aside forever. Who knows. At least there shouldn’t be any fitting issues.

I need to finish up some clothes for myself, but honestly, I just do not have the motivation. I feel fat and am trying to work on losing weight, so part of me thinks, why bother sewing up all my pretty fabric when its going to (hopefully) be too big by the end of the summer? But the other part of me says, gee, then you can go buy more fabric, or alter the clothes. Uh, buy more fabric, yes; alter the clothes, emphatically no!

I want to make some skirts, but I haven’t because I honestly don’t have any shoes to wear with skirts. I’m hoping that after paying bills (ugh) and my car insurance deductible I’ll have money for those darling Paolo shoes I want. I’ll let you know when they grow feet (hahhaa) and follow me home.

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  1. February 4, 2007 5:51 pm

    I have not sewn for dogs, but I recently discovered that I enjoy sewing for 18″ dolls. (no little girls in the house…2 middle school aged boys) The doll sewing is fun because it can be outrageous and there are no fitting issues. Oh, and the doll can’t talk back. She wears whatever I put on her.

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