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I Love My Car

February 3, 2007

Did I mention I got my car back? I’m sooooo happy. She looks like this:


She hasn’t been this shiny in a long time. When the sun was out, I nearly needed sunglasses just to look at her.

And why is it that the rental cars you get are *never* as nice as your own car? I missed my heated side mirrors and the way I ride up higher instead of feeling like other SUVs are going to ride up over me. And I love how it just “fits” me and feels so solid and safe.

Years ago I swore I would *never* drive a Kia. I scorned them and thought they were garbage. Well, baby, they’ve come a long way. The guy at the body shop said, “It really wasn’t hit that hard.” I replied, “Oh, no, it was. You should have seen the other truck. Bent the hood up and bowed in the whole front fender. My car fared so lightly in comparison, but it was a hit hard.” The car dude was impressed, as was the State Patrol officer.

Gee, I wonder if I could get comparison photos of the autos from the car insurance company and send them in with a testimonial? Think I’ll get asked to do a commercial? I do have a good stage voice.

(Ya, right…)


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