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Solitude, Sewing, and SuperBowl Sunday

February 4, 2007


My daughter has been MIA for a couple days (Yes, I know where she is, but she *is* 25 after all) and I’ve had the place to myself. Aaaaahhhh. Well, except for the four cats. Two are mine, two are hers. I love where I live as even though it is in suburbia, it’s far enough removed from the main road that it is heavenly quiet here. Some people can’t tolerate silence, but I love it. In fact, maybe I even thrive on it. There’s something spiritual about it, but also it recharges me. I find inspiration, motivation, and strength in the quiet, early hours of the day.

And the cats. Well, they keep me company and amused. And alert. It’s interesting to be roaming around the house downstairs knowing I’m the only human being, and then hearing such loud thunder upstairs that sounds like a crowd of preschoolers playing Duck Duck Goose. There goes the silence.


Yesterday was sewing related in many ways, except for doing any actual sewing. I headed out to find some straps and elastic for my physical therapist who needs to repair a backpack, and also to shop for fabric to match my beautiful Hawaiian print for my family room.

Hawaiian Curtain Fabric

I spent a nice amount of time – and not too much money – in Joann’s. I got some quilting cotton to make little doggie outfits. I also figured out that I want a cream coordinating fabric to go with the Hawaiian fabric, and picked out the lining I want. Today I’m going back to Joann’s to get the lining and sheers because the 50% off coupon is good today.

Next, I met Gaylen. Now, this was exciting! I met Gaylen through a link on Gorgeous Thing’s blog (who lives in Boston) and turns out Gaylen and I live in neighboring towns here in the Pacific Northwest. I had emailed Gaylen that I was going to head to Discount Fabrics to see what was left of their going-out-of-business sale and we agreed I’d give her a call about an hour before I got there. I thought I had saved her number in my phone, but I had not. So I grabbed what I thought was her number from an email. Turns out it was someone else’s number… well, let’s just say that person was really confused why I was calling, not to mention that person was ill. Oh dear.

Anyway, thank goodness, Gaylen is a really smart person. Plus she is psychic. I know this because she heard my prayers to have her call me. She called me just as I was heading home to email her again.

So we met at Discount Fabrics. It was weird, but really great. Kinda like meeting someone on a blind date, but better because you hope you will be friends and share this funny bond that sewing and knitting and crafty people have with each other. I like her. Turns out we have a lot in common. I bought stuff at DF and then we wandered around Kohl’s where we looked at some very cute outfits, browsed through the housewares and dishes, and then finally headed home.

Okay, okay. If you insist. I’ll tell you what I got at DF! (My camera is MIA along with my daughter, so pics will have to wait.) I found some really pretty pink Japanese-style brocade for an outfit for the MIA daughter, some red lace, some cream colored silk for an underlining for the red lace, and some pale apple green sheer. Now, that was the best deal of all. The sheer was about 112″ wide, and ended up being about $2 a yard or so. It’s the krinkly kind of sheer. Perfect for my hallway window that is very tall and needs something. It will add a punch of color against the cream walls, and if there’s any leftover, I can put it in my sewing room. I really want to get the family room drapes done but then my sofa and chair will look so horrible that I’ll be forced to do something about them as well – not to mention that the fabrics will clash. And then there’s the issue of getting someone to install the drapery hardware for me. That’s a topic for a different time.


Well, since the Seahawks aren’t in the SuperBowl, I guess I sort of lost interest in it, but I’m sure I’ll watch it – or half watch it. I don’t have the attention span to sit and stare at the TV for every single play, but I do enjoy it. I may just turn it on upstairs in the sewing room while I sew (seeing as I’m not having any big SuperBowl party.) My other daughter invited me out to her home to watch the game but I don’t think the drive will be good for my back. We’ll see. I think I want the Bears to win, but I think the Colts wil instead.

Happy Sunday.


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