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Premier Issue Magazine Review

February 6, 2007

I subscribed to the new Taunton Press magazine, Sew Stylish. I got my first issue yesterday, which is their premier issue.

Sew Stylish Mag Cover

I believe I subscribed to this magazine because the initial subscription price was reasonable and seemed to be less than the Threads subscription cost. I don’t recall the exact price though.

I haven’t read this issue from cover to cover yet, but have skimmed through the different articles.

The magazine seems to be sectioned by getting started, fabric know-how, key techniques, and fitting topics. Each section is followed by project-oriented articles.  

Some of the getting started articles are very basic, apparently aimed at the reader who wants to sew but has no idea how to start. There are a couple suggestions on how to set up a sewing area for people who don’t have the luxury of a full dedicated sewing room. These suggestions would have been helpful to me years ago when I lived in a two bedroom apartment with two active, young daughters.

The first project-oriented article is about how to sew a purse for every occasion. A “start sewing” project is the ideal dress. My question to the editors would be ideal for whom? Every dress pictured has an empire waist with a ribbon directly under the bustline. This would look pretty on someone with a very slender tummy, but for most, I suspect it would look threateningly like a maternity top, especially with the ribbon definition.

Where’s the stylish fit in with all this? There are callouts or subheading to project articles on how to make the pattern “better”, “easier”, or “runway”, followed by a few shopping tips.

I’ll read the magazine in more detail and let you know if I have any other feedback, but my last thought was that it appears they reused some of the articles already published in Threads, such as the recent ribbon belt or peasant skirt. These new articles look disturbingly familiar to me.

Anyway, I can’t complain. It’s about sewing right? What could be better?


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