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Sacrilege and Dumpster Diving

February 9, 2007

People who do this to fabric…

Dumpster Fabric

Should be… should be…well, it’s just plain WRONG.

At work today someone was on a cleaning and purging bent and in the hallway was this great bolt of green fabric. Well, of COURSE I stopped to touch it. Wouldn’t you? And to determine just how much yardage there was. Hmmm, maybe about eight to ten yards. My thoughts raced with what could be done with that windfall. And then I darted back to my computer and emailed the facilities manager to find out if it was being discarded, and if so, I wanted it.

No reply to the email.

Fifteen minutes later I’m in the downstairs hallway and I see the facility manager. “Say, who put all that stuff upstairs in the hall? There was some green fabric there. Is it being thrown out?”

“Oh, that? It’s already in the dumpster.”

“What?” I shreiked. I bolted (no pun intended) out the front door, across the parking lot to the dumpster. Figuring it might just be on the top of the pile and I could grab it out, no worries. But nooooo. They must have emptied the dumpster just that morning and there was the fabric, thoughtlessly pitched to the bottom of the dumpster touching the dirt and grime, of all things, with boxes and other office surplus carelessly strewn on top.

Quickly I called my coworker and asked if he wanted to go dumpster diving. This guy rocks. He does just about anything for me. He hooks up my TV at work, figures out my dual monitor dilemmas, and now goes dumpster diving for me without a second thought.

He made quick work of it and now that lovely, but ever so slightly soiled fabric is in my hot little hands. I’m so happy. Happy, happy, happy. Best Friday gift ever.

I get back to my desk with the loot and I swoon about my luck to another coworker. Not only did they toss perfectly good fabric aside, but there were three – count ’em – three brand new metal shelving units in the dumpster as well. Only thing wrong with them was that there were no vertical pieces that hold the shelves up. Uh, helllOOOO. Ever heard of Home Depot? Ya, so now those are in my trunk too.

What a day. What a score.

As it turns out, that fabric had been sitting in a closet for three years at my work. Just about the whole time I’ve worked there. Go figure. They used it to recover some awesome Jetson’s style retro chairs in the lobby. Guess someone overestimated the required yardage. Their loss. My gain.

Here’s another pictureof the fabric from the clean side. Only a small amount got soiled. I plan to use it to recover my ottoman, and if there’s enough, throw pillows, or maybe even recover my oversized chair. It will match my Hawaiin fabric I’m using for my curtains so nicely.

Dumpster fabric 2

Moral of the story: There isn’t any moral here, just a sad tale about some corporate facilities people who are so wasteful it’s disgusting. All because they couldn’t take the time to send off an email to let employees salvage perfectly good items. Who knows what else they waste when I’m not looking. And I’m often not looking. My good fortune today, though. I just probably got about $100 worth of free fabric.


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