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Backaches and Bull$@**

February 13, 2007

First off, I’m exhausted from the chronic pain in my back. It’s a twisted cycle – not moving enough or sitting too long makes my back worse, but then I get too tired from the pain and all I want to do is sit still and veg, and then my back starts burning all over again. The chiropractor and physical therapist are hopeful that the strengthening exercises will help my back but the location of the degeneration and other issues make it extremely difficult to treat. In a week or so I go for my first cortisone epidural. Hopefully that will make things better.

Second, why can’t some people just be direct and speak the truth? Last week I had a discussion with my boss that confirmed my understanding of the work I do and the level of responsibility I hold. I told him how I saw my job, and he responded, “That’s correct.” We agreed that he would work with Human Resources to get my job description and job title updated, and also to work on the salary equity issue. Today, when I followed up on the status of these changes, he danced the salsa all around the issue. “I’m still figuring out the company policy for handling promotions”, blah, blah, blah. (Ya, right, you’ve been here a year now.) “It will have to be handled around March with performance reviews.” Blah, blah, blah. (Uh, two men got promoted to VP in January. What’s with that?) What says I can’t be promoted to manager in February? Because that *is* the work I’m doing. And even without the added responsibility or title, I’m still underpaid for what I do.

I have more respect for people who are direct and just speak the truth. Tell me the way it is. I might not like it, but I’ll respect you for it. And then I won’t waste time trying to figure out what the hell you are talking about. Or have to read between the lines.

It drains me more than my backache does.

But, to always maintain some positive attitude, at least I have a job, right? Things could be worse.


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