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Happy Red and Pink Day

February 14, 2007

To everyone. My youngest daughter surprised me with a sweet bag of goodies. The bag has red hearts all over it in a sort of fleece-like material. Inside was a very tender and touching card that made me cry. I also was given a cute little pink and white stuffed puppy dog, and some candles and a little bear figurine. I was first tempted to bring them with me to work to decorate my office, but then I decided against it. I figured I wanted these things to be in my “happy place”, which is my sewing room. 

Then my daughter called me and pointed out to me that the clouds this morning were pink and purple in honor of the day. How observant and sweet.

Oh, and Trixie is wearing her darling valentine dress to her mommy’s school today.

Who says valentine sentiments have to come from a romantic partner?


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