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Pink and Red, again

February 14, 2007

Just a few more thoughts about this day. I really don’t like days like this – mostly because of the marketing hype that goes with it, and the unrealistic expectations the day instills in people. Christmas ranks right up there in the list of marketing holidays I detest.

I try to remind myself that showing love doesn’t have to be limited to romantic love, but it gets really old hearing about this love story and that love story (think: today’s episode of Oprah and all the previews of tonight’s shows on TV) and generally being blasted everywhere you turn with reminders that romantic love is all there is, and aren’t you a loser because you don’t have someone.

It’s one thing if I decide not to date any more (although I’m still quite young), but it’s hard to watch my youngest daughter who has her whole life ahead of her get so depressed on this day – simply because of a lack of romantic love in her life right now. And because of the expectations associated with today.

How I wish we could obliterate all the media – all the marketing hype, ads, and crap that we are fed 24 hours a day. Ads that tell us to spend money we don’t have. Marketing that tells us that we are somehow deficient if we don’t have just the right car, furniture, decor, clothes, hairstyle – criminy, even marketing that implies your sex life must be lacking because you aren’t using their prescription drugs. Sometimes I want to blow up my TV.

And isn’t it ironic that I work for a TV software company? At least we make DVR software, and with a DVR you can mostly skip the marketing crappola and just watch the shows you want. Still, the rub there is that on a day like today, all the shows are about Joe bringing Jane roses, or how Joe failed because he forgot to bring Jane roses, or…or… whatever. It just is sucky. I feel bad for the women, because the unrealistic expectations mean they will never feel fulfilled. I feel bad for the men, because the same unrealistic expectations mean they will never win and nothing will ever be good enough.

Now I’m also willing to admit that my comments are generalizations and not the case for everyone and that there are those who don’t behave as I have described. But my observations are that the latter here are the exceptional ones.

Yes, I would eventually like a companion as I don’t want to grow old alone. No one does, do they? But I hope that should God ever put that man in my life, I remember how I feel today and that I don’t put unreasonable expectations on him to go overboard showing me love one day out of the year. I hope I remember then that showing love should be a daily intent, given freely, and never, ever demanded or expected.


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