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What to do first?

February 24, 2007

Weekend mornings I always wake up with anticipation of a full weekend ahead of sewing, other projects, and fitting in time to go visit my oldest daughter and her family (an hour’s drive away.) I usually start by thinking of a new sewing project, such as a dress or top to make for myself. I peruse my favorite blogs (see my links list) and catch up on what others are doing, find myself inspired by some of them, and my head starts firing off ideas faster than I can catch up. Now if only I had a magic wand to implement those ideas…

First, after work yesterday, I had time to kill before going to my mother’s so I decided to very slowly wander through the Hancock’s Fabrics right next to my work and drool over fabrics and notions. I didn’t have much money in the budget to spend on more fabric, but I did see some things I may go back and buy, especially a very interesting fabric from the $1.99 a yard mystery fabric table (or was it the half-off table?) Nevertheless, McCall’s patterns were 99 cents and Vogue patterns were $3.99, so here’s what I picked up.

First up, McCall’s 5232, described on the pattern envelope thus: Dresses have princess seams, back zipper closures, and flared, below knee length skirts. I prefer views C and B (the ones on the far left and far right here.) I chose this pattern for it’s classic styling. A basic dress for my wardrobe if I can get it to fit right and choose the right fabric with the right drape. I like deep necklines as I think they draw the eye up and away from my fuller hips. I can imagine all sorts of ways to do up this pattern. If it doesn’t work for me now, it will be fine for either of my daughters.


Second, McCall’s 5314, described on the pattern thus: Dresses A, B, C have princess seams, collar with collar band, forward shoulder seams, flared skirt, self ties and sleeve variations. I like view C, the larger picture, and View A, the one in red. I don’t care for the sleeves in the other view. Too little girl-like for me. Again, I think the A-line of the skirt will be quite flattering on me. Not so sure about the little collar, and I may omit it completely from view A. But we’ll see.


Lastly, Vogue 8182, described on the pattern thus: Dress has lined bodice, lapped front and back v-neck, gathered bodice, back darts, gathered midriff, side zipper and skirt variation. I like view B and A, the two with the flared skirts. I might try the other view, but depending on the fabric, or any future weight loss, it might accentuate hips, rather than slenderize them. Again, I’m drawn to v-necklines. I don’t like high necklines as I feel they just make me look fat and matronly. Might as well enjoy the cleavage while I’m still young enough to show it off.


So, I’m not sure when I’ll start on these dresses as I still have a couple tops in the hopper to make, and I need them sooner than I need dresses. Besides, I still have to go get some shoes to go with the dresses. Money always goes too fast (drat those utility companies!)

Also, my youngest daughter is taking her little puppy, Trixie, to a doggie fashion show next Saturday and I’ve promised her a new dress for the puppy. (Uh, what’s wrong with this picture: Doggie gets a new dress before me? SUCKAH.) At least a doggie dress takes no time at all and has no pattern adjustments to be made.

So, what do I do first? Probably, I’ll tidy up the sewing room after first taking some pictures. I plan to join the show and tell of Debbie Cook and others who showed what their sewing rooms really look like while working. Then I’ll probably whip up the doggie dress, and dig into sewing myself a couple new tops for work. Either today or tomorrow, I’ll run out and see my other daughter, who I miss alot. Plus, my little grandson (almost 2) is trying to say Grandma so I have to hear that in person and get my dose of squishyness and love. I have some tiny presents for my darling granddaughter too, and she’s just the epitome of adorableness. (Dang! My brain needs to stop! It just started firing off all sorts of ideas for little dresses for her and shorts for her brother. Stop, I said, STOP! I can’t keep up! )

Happy sewing! Happy weekend!

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  1. Erin permalink
    April 25, 2007 1:10 pm

    Don’t know how this blog thing works, but I am about to start on the vogue 8182 pattern. Although not new to sewing, I am fairly new to patterns. I read through the directions and it has you cut 2 bodice pieces and 4 bodice lining pieces. I read further and am trying to decide where the extra lining pieces are going to go – any words of wisdom for me?

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