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Groovin’…on a Sunday afternoon

February 25, 2007

Well, okay, so it’s not quite afternoon yet as I write this, but still, things are groovy and it’s Sunday. I got a lot done yesterday. First I cleaned my sewing room (after taking pics, which I’ll share momentarily) and then I cut out a lot of stuff – little stuff – and also I prewashed some fabrics in preparation for a top for me. Today I’m going to finish up the little stuff I’m sewing and either prepare a new top pattern, or make up a tried-and-true one.

First the sewing room.

The room wasn’t as messy as it can be at times, maybe because I hadn’t been sewing so much lately. However there was a lot to be put away.

Sewing Room Entry

This is the view (above) that you see when you arrive at the top of the stairs. The loft sits to the right. There are my two dressforms (one for my mom, one for me), my bolts of home dec fabric waiting to be sewn and my big purple ball. I love this ball. It’s one of those FitBalls and is great to sit on to stretch and work the abs while unpicking fabric or handstitching, or even sometimes to sit while cutting small pieces of fabric. It rolls around everywhere and gets in the way, but there it is. My cutting table is the catch all for anything that needs to go in the room, and the pink fabric box on the table is the catchall for the kitties.

Marie in the Box

Under the table are my boxes of saved scraps (yes, I do save scraps) and my boxes of patterns. I should have them organized better, but thou shalt not should on thyself today.  Moving on.

Sewing table

Here’s the sewing table with my sewing machine and serger. I have another serger, but I don’t use it really as it’s older and doesn’t do rolled hems so well. The fabrics stashed behind the sewing machine are projects waiting to be made, so I haven’t put them away, since I hope to get to them sometime soon. I also use one of the pink boxes for storing my interfacing. I really want a bulletin and white board on that wall, but in time. For now, pushpins into the drywall is quite economical. Seems I keep spending my excess money on fabric instead. Go figure. The drawer bins behind the serger hold my threads, sorted by light colors and dark colors, and my other notions such as seam bindings, ribbons, beads, buttons, snaps, and needles. I use a small box with a cover to hold all my pins.

Speaking of pins and needles, let me digress some. My daughter, the vet tech-in-training, and I were watching ER Vet Interns on TV last night and there was a dog that was in the ER because of swallowing a sewing needle. You should have seen the glare my daughter sent me. I always knew sewing pins or needles and animals don’t mix, but it was highlighted quite clearly for me in that show. The needle could travel to the gallbladder and puncture it, releasing bile into the abdomen and could eventually kill the animal. Yikes! So now I know it is even more important to keep my pins out of reach of little furry friends who love to pull them out of my works-in-progress and scatter them all over the stairs and sewing room. Peeps – keep your pins and needles away from your pets!

Okay, back to sewing. Here’s all the little stuff I cut out. Enough for two doggie dresses, one pair of doggie pajamas, and a doggie tshirt – all in pink, of course.

Doggie Dressing

Same daughter is taking her new puppy to be in a doggie fashion show at the local Petco next Saturday. I used some chiffon to make some ruffles for the fabric, and here is the dress in progress.

Spring Doggie Fashion Dress WIP

I created the chiffon edging by tearing two inch strips of chiffon, folding them in half, serging and gathering the edges and then inserting into the collar. The skirt will have a white chiffon underskirt, and the overskirt will have the same edging. I used 1-1/2″ ribbon, folded and stitched on the sides, then turned, for the tabs which will come under the puppy’s belly and fasten with Velcro. The undercollar is a light pink lining material cut from saved scraps (see, this is why I save my scraps!) and the inside of the doggie dress bodice will be the same light pink poly lining.

Next, I cut off the uneven end of the free home dec fabric I salvaged from work the other day and washed it to see how it would turn out. It did just fine, although it smells like wet bark, so does this mean it is bark-cloth? Weird. I want to use it as a backing for a cat napping bed of sorts, and maybe even a doggie bed. I also want it to be washable so I can try to limit where the pet fur lands (futile, for sure) and keep my allergies down. I cut out some beige fleece for one side of the bed, and will use this scrap fabric for the other (bottom) side of the bed, with one-inch batting in between. I’ll probably create some piping to go around the edges as I have some half-inch cording I can use. Here’s the green cloth after washing with the fleece I cut out:


Finally, as I was doing all this, one of my feline assistants, Merlin, was only interested in the action on TV. He’s the only male four-legged friend in the house, so maybe he was hoping I’d switch to a sports station. No such luck here. Not unless it’s football season.

Merlin’s TV

 Happy Sunday, happy sewing.


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