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The puppy has more clothes now than I have

February 25, 2007

Enough of the puppy clothes. For now. I’ll show the little dresses later after I slipstitch the lining to the waistbands. That’s great stuff to do in front of the telly. For now, here’s her new set of Tinkerbell pajamas (these totally crack me up) and a new pink tshirt. The pajama pattern is kind of sucky. First off, my daughter wanted it in the Tinkerbell flannel, and I used scraps (yes, scraps, we keep scraps. Did I mention keeping scraps is handy at times?) of pink cotton interlock for the arm, leg, neck, and tail bands. The flannel has no give really, so it’s hard to stretch over her little bum. Plus, I think it’s a bit short. Next version (if there is one) will have to be made longer with more room around the tail. Click the thumbnails for a larger view.

Trixie PJs Trixie PJs 2 Trixie PJs 3

I also made her a quick pink tshirt. Took about 20 minutes total sewing time, if that. I serged the whole thing, no conventional sewing, as I did with the PJs. This was easy to do but the fabric is really fuzzy. It’s like a lightweight stretch velour, not as thick as many stretch velours. I got it for something stupidly cheap at Hancocks. They almost paid me to take it off their hands. 🙂

Trixie Tshirt Trixie Poser Trixie Princess

Okay, Trixie the Princess. You are now officially spoiled. But freaking CUTE.


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