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The Demise of Forth & Towne

February 27, 2007

Sadly, my local newspaper, the Seattle Times, reported the fate of my newest favorite brick-and-mortar clothing store, Forth & Towne. This chain is owned by Gap Stores who apparently feel it’s a lost cause. Not so! That’s where I can get jeans without little girl embellishments all over or whitewashing on the a$$ right where I don’t need the spotlight. I’m so sad! I think their biggest selling point – besides the great jeans and trendy clothing for women over 35 – is the changing rooms and bottled water they provide. Imagine: dimmer switches in the changing room, three-way mirrors so you don’t have to prance out in front of waiting spouses, and rooms large enough that you can turn around in them comfortably – all smack in the center of the store. No being relegated to the back of the store anymore. Ick.

However, I do want to copy this camisole. If anyone has any tips or suggestions on how to do it, I’m all ears. Otherwise, I’ll try some of my own ideas on how to do it. (Sorry for the upside down picture – artistic image from the F&T site.)

Shirred Camisole F&T

To make this, Hancocks has some lovely satin brown and pink polkadot I want to buy with my 40% off coupon. It’s the first image in Gaylen’s post here: I found more of it at the Hancock’s by my work and soooo have to have it. I love, love, love polkadots. Although I don’t want to drown myself in them, a nice top would be lovely.

Okay, off to finish the hand stitching on the doggie dress for Saturday’s fashion show. Hahaha. Oh, and if I’m not too tired, I might cut out fabric for a new TNT top for…MOI! I deserve it.


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