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You’ve gotta be kidding me

February 28, 2007

Enough fluffy white stuff.

Snow Feb 07

There was barely anything here when I came home this afternoon. This was taken about two hours later, or less. When I left work twenty miles away, I had sunglasses on. By the time I had traveled ten miles, snow was heavy. Once I got home I had a hard time backing into my driveway.


On top of this, my daughter is still not quite well, and if her abdominal pain doesn’t subside, she may have to go to the ER. I sure hope she improves because I don’t know how an ambulance would make it down the hill to my house, nor how I would be able to drive up the hill to get her to the ER.

I love snow when I can relax in my home, sew, or otherwise just veg out and play hookey. But with a sick daughter, a busy job, and a back that’s not prime, I’m just plain tired of it.

At least it’s a good excuse for hot chocolate.

Hot Chocolate


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