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Trixie at the Petco Spring Fashion Show

March 4, 2007

What a hoot, or would that be bark? Yesterday (Saturday) was Petco’s first annual spring fashion show (sponsored by some pet food company) and there were about fifteen doggies there. The largest was a beagle, the smallest was a ten-week-old toy poodle. ADORABLE. (Pictures to follow.)

But first, Trixie, because she’s my favorite.

Trixie with her coat on ready to go.

Trixie 155

Trixie getting ready to have her portrait taken.


Trixie “workin’ it” in a “pink floral spring creation custom designed for her by Little Miss Sew N Sew with chiffon underskirt and chiffon ruffles.”

Trixie 166

Trixie was so good walking down the runway. And notice how her dress matches the pink of the runway sides just perfectly.

And Gaylen was right. Within seconds of my daughter taking off Trixie’s coat, people admired her dress and asked my daughter where she got it. My daughter told people her mom made it and instantly asked for a business card. Wow.

Now for the other contestants. The only other doggie in a dress (and I don’t remember any of the doggie’s names, sorry.) Looks like she’s ready for a prom date.

Trixie 172

And here’s the smallest of the models: a ten week old toy poodle. Darling. She looked like a stuffed toy, so quiet and sweet.

Trixie 164

Of course, there was no first prize awarded, all doggies were “winners”, but Trixie was the cutest from where I stood.


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