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This is for Isabelle in Paris

March 6, 2007

Isabelle from Kitty Coutoure visited my blog recently and we’ve exchanged a few emails, mostly about my nostalgia for Paris, France (her home town) and our mutual love of cats. So, for her, here are some pictures of the cats that let me live in their house.

First my cats, Maxie and Marie. Maxie and Marie are sisters from the same litter and are now about seven years old. I got them from my then-stepdaughter about six months after I got divorced. I was looking for a female orange tabby (very rare) and stepdaughter’s cat’s litter included an orange tabby, so my youngest daughter and I drove to Portland, Oregon (a three hour drive) to get her – Maxie.


She is ultra soft, and ultra persnickity. She loves everyone but on her terms. There’s a funny story about her because when we got her we really weren’t sure if she was a boy or a girl. (Yes, I know where to look.) But even the vet said she was a boy, but if she was a boy, she sure had a highly effeminate walk. We took “Max” to get fixed and when it was time to take her home, the vet said everything went great, but turns out “Max” was a girl. So, that’s why she’s Maxie.

Marie (named after Marie from the Aristocats) was the last of the litter and the two were playing together so happily that my daughter convinced me to take them both. (My daughter talks me into doing many things, most of which I am later happy that I allowed myself to be convinced, coerced, or hoodwinked.) Marie is extremely petite, weights maybe six pounds with a full tummy, and has the fluffiest tail ever. She’s a closet freak, according to my daughter. She loves it when you pet her and pat her butt, all the while making weird noises like she doesn’t like it, walks away, and then comes back for more.


Next are my daughter’s two cats. She got them before moving back in with me. First came Akira. She’s named after a boy anime, but we often call her Kiki. She almost 100% black except for a little white on her belly (hard to see) and in the sun she looks like she has chocolate stripes. She’s the alpha female around here and likes to let my Maxie know it. But Maxie mostly ignores her.


Next came Merlin. Merlin is the only male four legged creature here. My daughter found him on craigslist and he was meant for her. He was absolutely the cutest little gray/silver tabby. My grandaughter calls him Merlie Bo Berlie. He is the one who scratches on my bed to wake me up, won’t let me go into the bathroom alone, and is a lovey, lovey cat. He eats a ton but is solid cat, no fat. He is also Trixie’s best buddy.


And here’s a picture of Merlin and Akira snuggling with my daughter.

Mer N Kiki

And finally, Akira trying her best to avoid the attentions of my little grandson, Cayden. Pretty soon he’ll be tall enough to reach her.

Kiki Cayden

  1. March 7, 2007 11:29 pm

    Oh, thank you! What a treat to read wake up to 🙂 Your cats are beautiful. We used to have many cats at my parents’ (brought by me and my little sister). What is it with orange tabbies that make them so sweet? I’ve never seen one that was bad-tempered.

    Marie is absolutely gorgeous. Love her white bib. But they’re all so sweet. Life at your home can never be boring, I’m sure! 🙂

    Thank you so much for sharing this.

  2. March 10, 2007 8:58 am

    I love your kitties! I’ve been owned by two orange tabbies: Tigger, a male and Roo, a female. I lost Roo a few years ago and had to put my baby Tigger down two months ago. They have such great personalities!

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