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Wrap Dressing and More

March 7, 2007

I received an email newsletter today from and this issue highlighted the top ten fashion picks for 2007. Here’s a summary of what they said, much of what I knew already before reading the email, but it’s nice to get validation.

  1. Ship Shape Styles – Red, whites, and blues, and nautical styles. “Add some punch to your nautical wardrobe by adding a red, white or blue accessory made of patent leather” (Remember my red lace with the white underlining I got recently? Yup.)
  2. Black and White Contrasts – “Bold white and black floral and geometric prints on skirts, dresses and tops are particularly popular right now and are flattering on a variety of ages and figure types. ” (Hmm. Didn’t I just buy a bunch of black and white at the Sewing Expo? Yup. )
  3. It’s a wrap! “This season, the stand out style is literally a wrap! The horizontal line created by the wrap is slimming on most figures as it crosses the body in a flattering way. ” (Now I absolutely know I have to make a wrap dress… more later on exactly which fabric I think I want to use.)
  4. Short and Skinny – “Top them [skinny jeans, fitted shorts} off with romantic blouses, tunics and empire waist tops to create the proper silhouette. ” (Ya, I think I’ll pass on these. Never looked good on my hourglass figure at 20, won’t look good now either.)
  5. Long and Wide – “Wide leg pants have emerged once again as a significant trend” (When I figure out my fitting issues with pants, I’ll definitely give these a try – if they are still in style.)
  6. Empire Waist Tops and Dresses – “Think mini, voluminous, babydoll dresses that are girlish and sweet, and hip low-cut tops with plenty of embellishments” (Uh, Okay. As long as I trim down a few pounds and it doesn’t make me look pregnant.)
  7. Let it Shine with Patent Leather -“Red patent peek-a-boo flats are being shown with black and white Capri-style pants” (Uh, remember the patent leather shoes I lusted after? Yup.)
  8. Metallics – “Gold, silver and bronze are being hailed as the new neutrals for day and night this season.” (Yuk. Sorry folks. I see gold metalic anything and all I can think of is the gold metallic handbag and wallet my mother has been carrying around for two years. Can’t see myself EVER wearing or carrying around metallics. But never say never, eh?)
  9. Peek-A-Boo Pumps and Flats – “peek-a-boo pumps and flats can help you lighten your look without being too over exposed” (Now they kinda cheated with this one because it’s so close to #7 above. Surely they could have combined these two and offered us a different trend? Ya, okay, that’s the editor in me editorializing. )
  10. Circles & Dots – “Polka dots of all sizes and shapes are another perennial favorite this time of year” (Oh, now, this is yummy. I love polkadots. Not so sure this is a new trend for 2007 or just a perennial favorite as they admitted. But it’s good for me because I have some polkadot brown and white sheer to use up.)

So, about those wrap dresses. Look at this chocolate spring web-print silk jersey “Amalie” dress by Diane von Furstenberg, modeled at the recent 41st Annual Nordstrom Fashion Ovation in Seattle, WA on March 6, 2007. (For images of all her dresses, go to the Seattle Times website here.)

Diane von Furstenberg

Now tell me how cute would this look in my new brown mocha swirl knit?

 Brown and white swirls

I’m thinking that would look lovely, and for me, I might want sleeves and definitely longer.

What I noticed with the DVF collection, almost all of her dresses were wrap dresses. They look lovely, and considering that I think I looked good in sarongs in Hawaii (essentially a wrap skirt), I think a wrap dress will be flattering as well if fitted right. If too tightly wrapped, as the saying goes, it would be a disaster.

But then, I’m not too tightly wrapped at times myself.

  1. March 9, 2007 8:21 am

    Oh, your brown mocha fabric is gorgeous. That’ll make a beautiful dress.

    I love this year’s fashion – except for the tight jeans, which don’t look good on me either. Seriously, unless you’re 5’7″ or over, how can anyone look good in those?
    I don’t like silvers and golds either – except as discreet jewelry…

    I love wrap dresses, too. I am eagerly awaiting the McCall’s pattern (which is how I discovered your blog in the first place! 😉 ).
    I would like to make another one in a black and white lycra knit… but the McCall is for woven fabrics, not knits, so I’m still unsure what pattern to use for this. Do you have any ideas? 🙂

  2. March 9, 2007 8:40 am

    Isabelle – I seem to recall seeing in one of my books somewhere how to adapt a pattern that calls for wovens to be able to use a knit. I’ll look this weekend and see if I can find it. Did you see the knits offered up over at Gorgeous Thing’s website? ( I might have to get some of that myself.

  3. March 9, 2007 11:58 pm

    Thank you, Claire!
    Yep, I saw those gorgeous knits, too. We can’t find anything like that here, except in “Tissus Reine”, which is where the big designers buy their fabric – meaning of course, the prices there are outrageous!
    So, I must confess I caved in and ordered 2 yards of Ann’s stylized black and white floral. Ann was so kind and found the best deal for shipping fees, too. I cannot wait to get it – but I need to find the perfect pattern for it! 🙂

    Thanks again for your offer to help.

  4. March 10, 2007 7:14 am

    That is a great print and will make a fabu wrap dress! Definitely check out some of Ann’s fabrics, she has some excellent stuff at fabu prices.

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