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Progress…but not perfection…yet

March 12, 2007

I love it when I see pieces of fabric come together in a garment that I get to wear! The anticipation is addictive.  (And thank god for dress forms. It really helps with the visualization.)

But the frustration of having to redo a neckline is not. From a distance, the neckline looks okay.

Pink Hibiscus Top

The gathering in the front center is intentional, but it ended up pleating, which I do not want.

Pink Hibiscus Neckline

And the gathering along the shoulder seams and back is not what is intended either. This is the front right shoulder (below). Oddly enough, the left shoulder is not quite so bad.

Pink Hibiscus Shoulder

This is the second time I basted on the neckband. I think possibly I’ve cut the neckband too short and will need to try with one about an inch longer. (By the way, if anyone is following this along with the pattern themselves, I completely ignore the instructions on how they tell you to attach the neckband. When I follow their instructions I end up with too large a neckband.)

This is the same pattern I used before in the brown stretch knit, and the neckline on that version went on so smoothly (again, ignoring their instructions and following a process I saw by Sarah Veblen).  I’m not sure what is different this time, other than possibly the fabric. This fabric has a LOT of spandex in it. It feels great on (very soft on the inside after washing.)

Anyway, I’ll work more on it tomorrow night, if I’m feeling up to it after PT and chiro. I’m excited to wear it. I think it will look cute with a black skirt I have, and even jeans. Oh, and the sleeves will be short flirty sleeves (possibly with a rolled hem.) Or I could see it with a brown skirt – oh! I have brown in my collection. <aha moment>

Stay tuned. Happy sewing.

  1. March 18, 2007 3:42 am

    definitely with a brown skirt. 🙂


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