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If I thought Tuesday was stressful

March 15, 2007

Wednesday was the lull before the storm.

So, today, I’m at work just plodding along helping people to use the new intranet software, and changed a few permissions on a subsite and BAM! Everyone was unable to see the intranet. (All together now: software bug) And I’m the intranet manager. Great. (And I wanted this job, too.)

What made it worse is that the software is so new – to the company and from the big software company here in REdmond, WA who shall remain nameless – that we hadn’t yet tested our backup and restore process. (Okay, any of you intranet managers or IT people out there, no comments about THAT one.) In fact, we were planning to do that today. I guess it just got forced on us sooner than expected. Ideally, you want to do these things so they don’t impact users. Our intranet ended up being down for about six hours. I’ll know tomorrow just how much damage this incident did to the system’s already precarious reputation among certain engineering folks who dislike the big M company.

But, I still like my job, for the most part. 🙂 At least it pays the bills. And is close to Hancock Fabrics. Small blessings, right?

Anyway, it’s back up, and I’m still at work, and it’s 8:00 my time, and I’m starving. I guess I’m not doing any sewing tonight. Oh well, that’s okay. I’m probably going to leave work early tomorrow and get a head start on the weekend sewing. More for you to see then.

Stay tuned.


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