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Phew, it’s Friday

March 16, 2007

This afternoon I went to my physical therapist and chiropractor. The PT worked on my upper back, shoulder, neck area. I thought I felt fairly good until she tested my neck and upper back to see how I was. Ouch. Much more sore and tender than I thought. My chiropractor asked why I was so sore today, and said I looked like how I felt when I first started seeing him.

Stress, my dears, stress. Stress is clearly not good for anyone but everyone has varying levels of stress in their lives every day. Why should I be any different, or so special that I shouldn’t have any in my life? However, I do think I need to reduce the level of stress as it is now.

So, that will be my focus – reducing stress in my life. There are many ways to approach this, but of course, my favorite is burying myself in my sewing.

What could possibly be bad about that?

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  1. March 17, 2007 3:10 am

    Sorry your back is hurting so much, Claire. Yes, stress is so bad! I can’t but agree with the idea that sewing is an excellent therapy 🙂 Hope you can have a restful, relaxing, creative weekend.

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