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Attitude is everything

March 21, 2007

First, thanks everyone for your nice comments about my sewing results, plus my social discomfort. I know I’m not alone feeling that way at parties. What I was also trying to portray was how weird my mind works – when I could sit and wallow in self-absorption (some people do, you know), I don’t. My mind goes only so far and hits a trigger and shifts over to some thought about changing the situation I’m in. (I like to think that’s pretty normal.) I found it somewhat fascinating that my thoughts switched over so quickly to sewing up something nice instead of focusing on what I didn’t have.

You know why that must be? Because sewing makes me feel better. Creating anything makes me feel better. Even if I’m sewing for someone I love, it makes me feel better.

What else makes me feel better?

  1. Watching my two year old grandson grow and learn new things, and hearing him say “Donald Duck” and “I don’t know” with no enunciation whatsoever
  2. Having my granddaughter spend time with me and want to learn to sew
  3. Squeezing Trixie (the puppy) and having her lick my face
  4. Touching, folding, cutting, and sewing fabric
  5. A hot, hot quad grande latte – not made by me
  6. Smelling the first rose of summer, and then smelling them daily in my garden
  7. Sunshine – especially soaking up some on my body, even if it is through layers of outerwear
  8. Waking up and having both my cats by my side
  9. An empty kitchen sink and a clean kitchen
  10. Having all the laundry done
  11. A full tank of gas
  12. Talking to my friends – both online and local
  13. Spending time with my daughters, however limited it might be
  14. Coming home every night, knowing my home is all mine.
  15. Making a list of what makes me feel better

So what makes you feel better?

  1. March 22, 2007 4:11 am

    What a heartwarming post, Claire!
    Off the top of my head, here’s what makes me feel better:

    – holding my 4-month nephew in my arms and singing to him
    – Receiving pictures of my nephew, or hearing him whenever I call my sister
    – A steaming cup of coffee or tea to sip while I’m working
    – Chocolate – dark, milk, anything
    – Singing
    – Pre-washing new fabric
    – Spending time at the sewing machine
    – Listening to music, especially while sewing.
    – the way my kitty nuzzles her head against my neck when I take her for a cuddle
    – Waking up every morning and finding her gazing at my face with a smile (that kitty does smile!)
    – The feel of sunshine on my closed lids
    – hiking in the countryside

    Wow, that feels good! 🙂
    Thanks Claire. The more I read your blog, the happier I am I found it 🙂

  2. March 22, 2007 6:10 am

    Hmm – a version of Thankful Thursday – thank you 🙂 Sometimes I need a reminder that it really is the little things in life. For me
    ~Seeing the sun rise in the morning while drinking coffee
    ~Having a job where I’m an important part of the team – at least to the boss
    ~Beauregard James because he loves me best
    ~Having raised 2 wonderful daughters who are responsible adults
    ~Sewing friends – virtual and real life ones!!
    ~Imagining a project and then seeing it through to completion.

    Happy Day Claire – hope your is good. Shopping tomorrow in the middle of the day? g

  3. March 23, 2007 6:59 am

    You’rs so right, attitude is everything. For me, happiness is:

    – My family gathered around me.

    – Sleeping in on a Sunday and not getting dressed until noon.

    – Friends who love me for who I am.

    – A hug.

    – Having a whole day, uninterrupted , to sew.

    Thanks for the reminder that life is good.

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