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I’m missing out – not.

March 23, 2007


Sorry for the blurriness of the photo – I was driving, you know. This is what I deal with every morning on my way to work. Gray rain, slow traffic – for those of you in cities, you know the drill.

But not for me this morning. I decided to work from home as I had no work appointments on my calendar and I have some tests at the hospital this afternoon. I don’t miss that drive one bit.

But I have to admit, if one has to sit in stop and go traffic, this is a lovely place to do it. There are green trees all around, and many are starting to bloom now. When it’s not overcast or raining, the sunrise in the morning is absolutely gorgeous. In some locations, as you drive down the freeway, you can see beautiful snow capped mountains looming like a stage backdrop in front of you. Other freeways go across a beautiful lake, with mountain ranges bordering both sides. You really can’t ask for more. That’s why I continue to live here. Except for the gray days and drizzle (which isn’t as much as some people make you think), it really is a beautiful place to live. (Although, I wouldn’t complain if I didn’t have to commute on a freeway ever again – providing I could still make a living and sew to my heart’s content.)


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