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Spring and New Beginnings

March 29, 2007

Look what is popping up in a planter that I thought had died.


My granddaughter and I planted this pot last year and I had completely neglected it over the winter. The only water it got was from the sideways rain that managed to hit it under the eave of the porch. I knew the perrenials had survived, but I thought everything else had died until I saw the hyacinth start bursting through a week or so ago, and then this interesting green thing to the bottom left of the picture. I don’t recall what it is. It will be fun to see what it turns back into.

Today was a beautiful spring day with temperatures up in the 60s (almost balmy for Seattle.) My car went to the dealer to get the intermittent wiper motor fixed and came back to me so nice and shiny clean. It’s a nice feeling to have sun on your face and a clean car.

Another rough day work-wise, but I’m not going to get into that, other than to say that by the time I got to physical therapy my neck and upper back was so messed up, my physical therapist was worried about me. I’m taking action to make a change. I’ve already completed two steps towards a fresh new beginning and have a plan in motion. My goal is to remove all the negativity, toxicity, and dysfunction from my life and focus on pleasant, more serene, and welcome activities – in whatever form they are presented to me. 

I had realized that my negativity and stress had flowed outward to my daughter resulting in a very strained conversation this afternoon and her just not wanting to be around me or home. I felt really bad because she has her own health issues to deal with. I came home to apologize to her and share my plans with her.

What did I come home to? My daughter had mowed and edged the entire yard! It’s not a big yard, but it’s the fact that she did this to make me happy, all while not feeling well herself. I started to cry just backing my car into the drive. That just confirmed for me that my plan is the right one.

Does my plan include more sewing? You bet it does. However, I might not get to it before next week. Tomorrow is my mother’s actual birthday, and I’m spending the evening with her. Saturday I’m scrapbooking all day with my other daughter and granddaughter, and Sunday I have to do – ugh – taxes. Necessary for my new beginning, so not so bad.

Today is a better day, and I’m looking forward to even better ones ahead.


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