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What’s my shape?

April 1, 2007

I found through Erica’s DIY Style blog last night and entered my measurements and here’s what they say about my shape.


Shape A – Women whose hips are broader than their busts and shoulders.

Duh! I could have told them that!

(I’m probably also a type-A personality too, but who knows and who cares? I’m more interested in sewing and fashion than psychology.)  

What I think is cool about this site is that they show styles based on this information, as well as suggesting fabrics, neckline styles, clothing details, such as a wide lapel or short jacket, as well as skirt styles. You can purchase clothing directly from their site specifically for your shape. It’s a patent-pending technology they’ve come up with to define seven styles, instead of your basic round, square, triangle, or hourglass shapes, which I never found helpful enough to begin with.

What I concluded is that most, but not all, of my style choices are fairly accurate for my shape. For example, is this top not similar in style to the ones I’ve made recently?


Although, look at the skirt it is paired with below. Perhaps I should focus on that type of skirt for my shape?


But this “ultra gored skirt” totally rocks. Maybe I’ll try this with my dark purple denim instead of the Vogue one I have still in tissue format. It doesn’t look hard to do at all and the vertical lines of the seams will be ultra flattering, I’m sure. (Go here for a closeup view.)


And this is so me. With the exception of the fabric, it’s just like the Simplicity 4076 I made in the brown knit.


And I want this dress for summer. Possibly even in the yellow. Or a kiwi or pear green.


And for work they show you how to pair it with a lovely coat.


I could go on and on, but what’s cool is that not only can I see what individual items will look good on me, I can see the whole ensemble. Putting the pieces together is sometimes a challenge for me. And if sewing time is scarce,  since you’ve entered your measurements, I bet you could feel pretty confident that the clothes you bought from them would fit fairly well. I will definitely keep this as an alternative, if for nothing else than help with planning my sewing projects.

I highly recommend you check out this site. Sign up and see what shape you are. See if what you’ve been sewing is on target, close, or misses the mark by a mile. I’d be very interested to know your results. Let me know!

 Thanks, Erica, for the link!

  1. April 1, 2007 2:58 pm

    Apparently we have the same shape! I love that yellow coat. I’ve got to make one :} Yea Right!!

    I’m posting because I’m procrastining cutting out the purple poly dress from Expo – what are you doing? g

  2. April 1, 2007 4:33 pm

    Taxes! Gag. I wish I was sewing. That site got me very inspired. 🙂

  3. April 1, 2007 10:16 pm

    I love Myshape, this is where I realized I could wear wrap dresses after all! 🙂
    However, they don’t have that many clothes suggestions for me yet (shape S) – but I haven’t visited in a couple of weeks, maybe they’ve put up some new ideas!

    That little coat is adorable! And yep, those tops are totally what you are making already!

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