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Little Miss Misses Sewing

April 19, 2007

What do they say about the best laid plans? My plans for sewing just went out the window for a few days.

I had a fabulous day, and right now, I can’t share much of it with you on the internet. Some of you who know me offline already know what’s going on, but part of it I can divulge, and that is that my employment outlook is suddenly very bright. This means there is no time for sewing – I need professional clothes and shoes NOW. I have gone for at least three years now wearing jeans and very casual shoes (think Sketchers) to work – every day. No jackets, no pantyhose, no heels, skirts only in the summer with sandals. Now I’m looking at needing a professional appearance, polished, but not stuffy. One that commands the salary I’m asking for and one that tells people I’m experienced and I know what I’m talking about. To me, this means that I need semi-tailored jackets, nice slacks, crisp skirts, shirts with collars, and a few pairs of neat shoes with heels. Sunday casual won’t work – business casual is now in order.

Truth be told, this dress code has probably always been in order for my career (one might even debate that it would have helped me get the promotion I was denied), it’s just I’ve been lazy, not felt good about my body, had many personal stressees in my life, and have been financially unable to purchase clothes. Not to mention that I absolutely detest spending four times as much on a skirt for something that I can easily make myself – and with better skill. I’m sure all you apparel sewing enthusiasts know just what I mean. It’s a topic that is always discussed (ad nauseum) on all sewing boards and blogs.

What this means is that I have let my wardrobe deteriorate into nothing. I’ve literally had two pairs of jeans at a time, bought a couple pairs of shoes and worn them out before buying new. I’ve made whatever clothes I’ve needed to supplement my wardrobe, but still, not enough.

This last weekend, I got a good start on changing this situation. I bought two new pairs of lovely lined slacks from Jones New York outlet store. I also bought a lovely woven jacket ($250 marked down to $100!) and four pairs of shoes. Only one pair of the shoes is more formal, and unfortunately, after wearing them for one day, I realized I should have bought them a half size larger. Here they are:


I’m going to try to take them to a shoe repair and see if they can stretch the front toe area some.

This is the other pair that is my favorite – very comfortable – but not appropriate for interviews or going to client sites. They will, however, look really great with the black and white cotton skirt I plan to make this spring.


Although I got great bargains shopping, I didn’t do so well for the professional look in the shoe department. This weekend, I hope to remedy that. I’m hitting Nordstroms for nice pumps and I don’t care the price (within reason) if they fit right and will last a long time. I’m also going to add to the staples I’ve just bought  (pants, jacket) with some more springy clothes (a skirt, lightweight jacket, sweater) and stuff that will be a good basic starter set and coordinate with the fabrics I have in my stash. Then……finally…I’ll be able to focus on sewing because of the love and joy of it, rather than in a desperate attempt to catch up my wardrobe to where it should have been all along. I vow to myself never to let it get so bad ever again!

  1. April 20, 2007 12:49 pm


    Best of wishes on your new position! How fun to be out shopping!

  2. April 21, 2007 5:30 pm

    lovely shoes! i hope everything works out well with the job situation.

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