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Fashion Friday

May 4, 2007

Or Friday’s Fashions. We’ll see what heading sticks but I’m thinking of trying out a topic every Friday of what’s fashionable, now, in the future, in the past, or what’s not fashionable. Just something vaguely related to fashion.

To start, since this month hosts Mother’s Day, I thought of sharing with you this lovely dress that my mother made for me for my sixth grade graduation. My mother never considered herself to be much of a seamstress or crafty person, but she has always had a great skill for art, colors, and visual things. She knitted some of the most beautiful garments I’ve seen as well.

Front view. (I tried to hang it on my mom’s smaller dress form, but it just wouldn’t fit, so you get the hanger version. )


It really did look cuter on me. The fabric is a cotton that is shirred between the rows of lace. It’s a bit stiff and scratchy, probably from age now, and my mother hand beaded all the flowers around the collar and sleeves. 

Back view.


Closeup of the fabric and the beading.


And y’all know how hard it is to put in a zipper. Imagine how hard it was to put it in with this fabric. I think she did a terrific job. Look how straight that zipper is and in line with the rows in the fabric. And this was done all with a conventional sewing machine. No serger, no fancy tools. I still have the leftover beads she used.


And here’s a picture of the Cleavers (not our real name, but someone said it should have been.) You can see the style in my mother’s attire. And, yes, that’s me she’s holding. Can you see the little white gloves I’m wearing? Aren’t I cute?


I totally love this dress. Someday, I’m going to find a petite dressform (possibly antique) that I can hang this on and have it on display in my sewing loft all the time. It brings back such lovely, fond memories and to me it is a constant reminder of my mother’s love and devotion to me. I wish I’d remembered that when I was a teenager.

  1. BjP permalink
    May 4, 2007 6:42 pm

    What a lovely dress and it’s wonderful that you still have it! 6th grade must be a defining time for remembering particular dresses. I still remember my favorite dress of all time, a red one with black little flocked flowers on it that Mom made for me for special occasions. She still has my note that I left on my door one night asking “pretty please” to wear it to school the next day. She caved.

    I love that early picture of your family. Such a nice looking family and yep, your mom definitely had style. Thanks for sharing!

  2. May 5, 2007 12:55 pm

    I can not believe that you still have your dress from 6th grade! I have a picture but the dress has long since been donated. I am so impressed when people have the foresight to save these treasures!

  3. May 5, 2007 4:51 pm

    Ya, well, sixth grade was only twenty years ago…just kidding. I agree, Carolyn, it’s amazing I still have it since my mother usually tosses stuff. Probably since it was mine, she saved it. She had knitted this gorgeous white duster with a popcorn stitch that I coveted for years and when she got rid of it, she donated it. At least I have the pattern so if I wanted to make one to fit me, I could.

  4. May 7, 2007 4:27 am

    What a lovely dress! Your mom may not have considered herself much of a seamstress but she sure did made a beautiful dress for you. Thanks for sharing the memory.

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