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Her Luck’s a Changing

May 5, 2007

Today is my lucky day.

I’ve been trying to get contractors to give me bids on reflooring and repainting the interior of my house, and for some reason, they must not need the work. Or maybe my job’s too small. Or maybe they are just losers.

The first paint guy came back with an estimate that was clearly exorbitant and ridiculous. The contractor for the floors never responded. (Dang, and I really liked him.) The second painter said he’d email me a bid by last night – haven’t seen it.

So, on Debbie Cook’s suggestion, I checked out my local Lowes hardware store. I walked out of there disgusted at this store’s lack of customer service. (They used to be so good when they first opened about five years ago.) I was also starting to think that I might not have enough funds to support my outrageously expensive taste. I also wonder if I have unrealistically high expectations.

See, I want new hardwood floors. Not laminate, not Pergo, not engineered hardwood, not bamboo. Hardwood. Three-quarter – not three-eighths – inch hardwood. The old fashioned kind that can be refinished several times and stands up to generations of kids and pets running across it. So far, all I’d been seeing is stuff at around $9 a square foot and up for the color and look that I want, plus installation.

So, since I am both tenacious and stubborn, I proceeded on to Home Depot. I was directed to their special order section, and son-of-a-gun, there it was.


This is a very pretty Brazillian Cherry hardwood, 3/4″ solid wood, and today’s special was free measuring. That means, their guys come out and measure how much hardwood I need for free. Usually it’s $50 and then if you purchase, they apply that to your order. (Lowes is $38, but they didn’t have what I wanted anyway, and what was close to it was $9 a sq. ft.) To top it off, they had a sign up that there was a 15% off sale on hardwoods, and the salesguy noted on my form that I get that as well. WOOHOOO.

I’m feeling better now.

Oh, and this sample is $4.99 a square foot. Double WOOHOOO.

  1. May 6, 2007 6:21 am

    Yea! So are you having Home Depot install – or when are they coming to measure? You’ll be shocked by how much you actually need – even though your house is small – but at half the price of Lowes – you can get ‘er done!!!!

    Now on to sewing – Lily and I have a bet!!!

  2. May 6, 2007 9:46 am

    Dunno and dunno. They have to call for the measuring appointment, so probably (hopefully) Tuesday. Then, if they are within my budget – which they should be at this price – I’ll have them install as soon as I get the painting done and house cleared out. Going to have to get all those young adults in my life busy pulling out carpet. YEAH.

  3. May 6, 2007 5:41 pm

    ooooh….love the color! i’m with you….real hardwood. had pergo in part of my old house. loved it….easy to clean, extremely durable, no maintenance, even sharpie marker could be easily removed. our new house….wall to wall hardwood. lots of oak trees were slayed. i love, love, love my wood floors. i also insisted on real wood….no veneer, no field finish. nope, those puppies were installed bare, sanded, stained, and finished on site. it took them *days* but so worth it.


  4. May 7, 2007 3:30 am

    Glad to hear it’s working out and now you can start to move forward. It’s funny how Lowe’s and Home Depot vary depending on where you live. Here, the Lowe’s services and stores are much nicer. Maybe that’s because Home Depot has been around the longest in this area and they’ve become lax? Not that we don’t drop a bundle there on what seems to be a weekly basis!

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