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Hi Tech plus Home Tech

May 11, 2007

Equals Sweeeeet.

I picked up the April issue of Wired Magazine from the employee lunchroom today because its cover story caught my eye: Why Exposing Yourself is The Future of Business. Essentially, this is several articles about the business benefits of blogging, which is right in line with the book I’m reading: Naked Conversations. (Dawn of The Secret Pocket has also read this and reviewed it here. I’ll give my thoughts when I’ve finished it as well.)

Anyway, as I was flipping through the magazine I found a very interesting article about sewing machines called “Bobbin and Weavin'”. It struck me as odd – but very cool – that a high-tech magazine would have an article about sewing machines. The twist is they discussed the new age of computerized sewing machines versus the mechanical ones they say our moms used (and which I still use – hey, if it works…)

They chose four sewing machines to test and rate:

  • Bernina Artista 730E
  • Janome Memory Craft 11000
  • Husqvarna Viking Designer SE
  • Baby Lock Ellegante

The one that they gave their top rating is the Bernina Artista. Personally, I love Husqvarna Viking machines – that’s what I have now. They also rate the machines in terms of “Wired” (pros) and “Tired” (cons).

Anyway, you can judge for yourself here. I’d love to know what you think. Do you agree with their comments?

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  1. May 11, 2007 8:32 pm

    Hmmm. It sounds like someone who doesn’t sew regularly rated these machines. But maybe I’m just biased since they pretty much slammed my beloved Viking. 😉 But thanks for pointing it out. Also, the comparisons sound like something I’ve read before. Consumer Reports??

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