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Shoe Binge Finale

May 13, 2007

I’m done shopping for shoes – at least for now, hehe.

I can now cross off my list the need for comfortable walking shoes to meander downtown Seattle and to and from the bus stops for the summer months.

Backing up a few hours…I had a lovely brunch with my mom and her roommate at a local pancake place. It was extremely loud, but still nice to spend time with my mom. After that, I only had a little bit of time before needing to be home to meet a contractor about installing my floors and other stuff, so we paused at mom’s so she could spend time with Lily. My mom loves Lily. Lily loves my mom’s fuzzy vest and the fact that my mom wraps her up in it. They both started to fall asleep. Lily will snuggle anyone to sleep if you give her five minutes.


Next I hurried up to get home to meet the contractor at 4:00. I arrived home at 4:06 precisely. He’d already written a note on the back of his business card, stuck it in my door, and left. WTH? A contractor who couldn’t be bothered to wait even ten minutes to account for traffic or  ducks crossing the road in front of me? (Hey, it happens in Seattle.)  He didn’t even wait five minutes because it probably took him that long to get out his card, a pen and write on it, then walk to my door. He just lost the account without even getting a chance to bid on it. I won’t work with someone as inflexible as that.

After I got over my irritation at that, I figured, hey, I guess this means I now have time to go to the mall and get those shoes that I was worried I would never find.

All things happen for a reason.

I found these lovely walking shoes and sandals that will be perfect for walking to the bus stop and back in the hot summer months coming up. (Assuming it will be hot. Here it is May 13, 8:00 pm and it’s 42 degrees outside.)



…and these…


Not super stylish or fancy, but that’s not what I was going for. Comfort was the key requirement, and that was met, plus, I think they are rather cute.

But, wait, there’s more.

It really is possible to find comfort and style in one shoe. And I found two pairs of stylish and comfortable shoes. (If you’re curious, these are Aerosoles.)



Now it’s time to get stuff ready for a new adventure tomorrow: taking the bus, cuz I have a bus pass now!

Hope you all had a great mother’s day, and thank you to those of you who posted wishes to me personally here.

  1. May 14, 2007 6:08 am

    Your Mom and Lily look fabulous! Glad you got to do something for yourself for mother’s day. It’s hard to be the middle generation.

    Very super cute shoes! And what a creep that contractor was. I can’t believe he couldn’t wait – or give you call to see if you had been held up. Come on!!!! g

  2. BjP permalink
    May 14, 2007 2:48 pm

    Your mama is so adorable! What a gorgeous woman. Lily and her are just too cute together.

    I love those black shoes. And red lining! Whoo hoo! They look like something even I could wear! I have similar swelling going on across one ankle….ick. I need to get it checked out like you did to see if anything I can do about it.

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