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Down, but never out

June 1, 2007

I always get up again. Sort of like the energizer rabbit. Ha! I wish I could jump like one. Anyhoo. Thank you all so much for your kind words about the skirt splitting issue. I’m wearing another one today, one I didn’t make, but that looks lovely on me (or so everyone says.) It’s very, very similar in shape (gores and godets) to the one I wore yesterday, and which the one I made was attempting to mimic. And it’s pink and black, with a pink top.

Oh, and yes, I made that pink top in the photo from yesterday. That’s the wrap version of Simplicity 4076.  Here’s the review I wrote when I made that top. One problem with that top, which my hair hides, is that the back neckline gapes a bit. So I’m going to remake it soon and fix that issue with the pattern.

In fact, I feel so good wearing skirts – just more flattering and feminine – that I may just try to whip another one out this weekend similar to the one that split. I think I’ll also take Linda’s suggestion and check the measurement of my hips between sitting and standing.

My youngest daughter has gone camping with her little puppies, and I’m left with mine and my two cats. I totally forgot about figuring out what to do with my puppy while I go to work. Hopefully my older DD and my darling grandson will want to drive up to my place, yet again, and play in the “watey” with the “doggies”.

The hardwood project won’t be starting for a couple weeks or so still, so I have time to organize things and get clutter removed before the installers get here. I think that means I have time to sew this weekend! I’m certainly going to try to get in there and make something – anything. For me, of course.

Meanwhile, I have to run to work. I’ll leave you with this darling picture of my grandson with his first toddler baseball hat. He has to be just like his dad who wears one every day. My grandson even knew how to turn it around backwards and wear it. LOVE IT! (Oh, and that’s my cell phone he’s pretenting to talk on, which is also exactly what his dad does – talk on the phone, that is.)


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  1. June 1, 2007 8:29 am

    You go Girl!

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