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Warning – RTW Store Rant Ahead

June 4, 2007

If I could sew my own pants and have them fit well, I wouldn’t be so upset. I will learn to fit pants for me – I will. I will. I will. But until then, I have to buy pants. Those of you that are hard to fit in pants (which could be just about all of us, no matter the size or shape) know what I mean.

A week or so ago I found a fairly nice fitting pair of pants at Lane Bryant. (For those of you that don’t know, this is a store that sells clothes for size 14 to 28.) I’m size 18 and usually these pants fit better than most because there’s a bit more room in the tush and thighs. Not always, but usually. They still aren’t the greatest, but they’ll do for now.

The pants I purchased were these Lexington pants. They were okay, better fit than the $88 pair I bought at Nordstroms but that branch only had one black pair and I need other colors. So I tried another store up nearer to my home.

Here’s my rant: They had absolutely NO LONG PANTS in their summer collection. Not one pair. Because you know, everyone wears crops or capris all summer long, even to work. Give me a friggin break. I asked where the long pants were and was directed to the sparse clearance racks at the back of the store.

But, I’m told, I can buy them online. Great. Now how does that help me when I need pants to wear tomorrow? Duh.

Every time I walk into that store I get infuriated, but until I can successfully change my body or, as I started out saying, make pants to fit me, I’m forced to shop there. I calmly chatted with the sales girls, making sure they understood I knew it wasn’t their fault personally, but I am so frustrated with the buyers there. Why on earth do they think that if it looks good on a size zero it looks good on a size 18? And why do they think every body (as in all bodies, all shapes and sizes) can wear capris? Even if they could, do they seriously think every one wants to?

The sales girls told me I could write to Lane Bryant online. They said the company listens to what the customers write in and that I wasn’t the first person to air those grievances, but the company doesn’t listen to the sales staff. What? Now that’s bad business. Not to listen to the people who are the first contact with the customers? I know I’m not the first  or the last person to get infuriated with what’s in the store. Lucky for me, I can sew. Not everyone is so lucky.

I’m more determined than ever to never have to step foot in that store ever again. If that means learning to sew pants (I aspire to do them as well as Debbie Cook) then so be it.

There, I feel better. Thanks for listening.:)

  1. June 5, 2007 12:43 am

    most companies do not listen to their employees, but some do listen to customers. stupid, i know. our school board seldom listens to teachers, but will do back flips for parents. i often play the “cranky parent” to the school board at the request of the teachers. whatever it takes to get the job done.

    pants are totally possible. the most important thing to remember is every pattern company drafts their pants differently. find a company that drafts for your body and stick with them. it will take lots of trial and error, but worth it in the long run. when trying out a new pattern, lay it over a pattern that fits and compare. make a muslin. be patient. the good news is you don’t need a lot different pants patterns. a well fitting pattern can be used over and over again in different fabrics. a basic pant and a cute top….you’re all set.

  2. thesecretpocket permalink
    June 5, 2007 6:24 am

    I’d recommend a burda pant pattern. Or, a Sandra Betzina pant pattern (I think her patterns are Vogue.) Yes, you certainly can do it. You have all of us out here to help you with the fitting…just take pics of your muslin.

    I went to the Lane Bryant pant page and I have to say….that is not a size 14 woman! (the mannequin)

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