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Stress relief

June 7, 2007

So, what does every good seamstress do when she is stressed out? She goes fabric shopping. And since I’m a good seamstress (never mind I haven’t sewn in such a long time), I went shopping. Online. It’s way too easy. I see now how easy it is to get in trouble.

No fabric moratorium for me. At least not today. I saw two luscious fabrics at Fabric Mart that I just had to have and the prices were great. There was this one and this one that were just irresistable. (Plus, Debbie, I picked up some of that lovely fabric from Lucy’s that you made your Jalie skirt in.)

Aah, now I feel better.

Why am I stressed? Because I talked to the floor installers today and when it’s time to get the floors installed (probably after June 20 because of my schedule) we will essentially need to have everything out of the house, including us. I’m just not sure how to coordinate all of this. I knew it would be a big job going into it and there would be some inconvenience.

She told me that the tile floor in the kitchen needs to be installed first and that would take about two days. That also means having the stove and refrigerator out of the kitchen for two days. It will probably be three because I decided to do the sealing myself to save money.

For the hardwood, she said it would be about five days for installation. To have them move the furniture around she said would be $10 per piece of furniture. Yup, I figured there’d be some nickle and diming going on. But that’s ridiculous. Who cares if they’ll move it as many times as I need for the $10. Is a bed (box spring, mattress, frame, and headboard) considered one piece? Just my bedroom has four pieces. I can easily see $500 for moving the furniture.

Although, now that I’m thinking it through, perhaps if we get as much as possible stacked in the garage, if there’s only about 10 to 20 pieces, that would be cheaper than a storage rental and paying for someone to come help us move it in and out, I’m sure.

But stacking things in the garage means we have to bust a move to get the garage cleaned out and organized.

And then……there’s the decision about ripping out the flooring. Do we have it all torn out at once and walk around on the subfloor until the hardwood acclimates and they install it? Or do we have the kitchen done first and tiled, then the rest of the house? Or do we do downstairs first then upstairs? Or vice versa?

Also, we know the carpet is horribly soiled by puppy piddles that we couldn’t keep after. I knew that when we got the puppies that would be the case, and that was ok because I knew I was getting rid of the carpet eventually. But if the piddle has gone through the pad to the subfloor, the subfloor will need to be treated before the hardwood is put on. (Hear the cash register? Ka-ching, ka-ching.)

So how do I test for that before the floor people get here? I highly doubt a little Chihuahua has enough piddle to soak through all that, plus the carpet is pretty good about repelling liquids – the stains are really just dried on top of the carpet. I think. I could be wrong. 

Ouch. My brain hurts trying to figure it all out. I have no idea where to start. Ordering the floors was the easy part.

I think I need to hire help.

  1. thesecretpocket permalink
    June 8, 2007 5:42 am

    Sometimes when I’m overwhelmed with a decision I just have to let it be for a day or two. And eat chocolate. Bagels. Peanut butter. Those help too.

    I gotta check out that fabric site….don’t think I’ve ever been there. Thanks.

  2. BjP permalink
    June 8, 2007 6:32 am

    You’ll be surprised about the piddle spots. We tore out carpeting once and found multiple “marks” on the subfloor from *cats*. It really does go all the way through.

    I vote for ridding the house of all the flooring and just living with subfloor for awhile. Gives time to get it all cleaned up – you’d be surprised at all the dirt and grime under there. Are they going to prepare the subflooring or are you supposed to do that? I know ours needed nails pounded back in, cracks filled, patching for uneven spots….you get the drift.

    Anyhoo, I’m sure you’ll work it out but man! Sounds like a big upheaval!

    I about bought that green paisley and still might. I think it’s really pretty so will be watching to see what you make with it. Some day. Hee.

  3. June 8, 2007 5:12 pm

    pretty fabrics…..very tempting…..

    good luck with the flooring. no matter what you decide it will be a mess and exhausting….but when it’s all done, it will so beautiful that you forget all the hassle. sort of like giving birth. 😉


  4. June 9, 2007 7:49 am

    I totally understand how the pressures of life can enable you to make a couple of computer clicks and have fabric arrive so seamlessly at your home. However, I live on the East Coast, so the other pull of Fabric Mart is that it is almost instant gratification. If I order just right in their cutting cycle, I can have fabric in a day or two…

    Hope you get it all worked out with your floors! But keep your eyes on the end result, beautiful hardwood floors throughout your entire house. Remember no pain, no gain!

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