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Sewing-related Saturday

June 9, 2007

Well if I can’t sew, I can at least do something sewing related today. I’ve got my neighborhood ASG (American Sewing Guild) meeting today and on the agenda is helping others to either make a paper tape dress form or to pad out a purchased dress form. I’ll be helping with the padding out method, as that’s what I did with my dress form.

Here’s a picture of Rosie, my dressform on the left (sorry it’s not a full on shot, it’s the best I can do as I hurry out the door.)

Sewing Room Entry

After that, I’m doing something totally un-sewing-related, but equally as decadent – I’m getting my hair done. (Ya, you all really cared about that, huh. Newsworthy stuff.)

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  1. thesecretpocket permalink
    June 10, 2007 5:52 am

    Rosie looks great!

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