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Forming Dress Forms

June 10, 2007

Yesterday was a great day. The sewing group was fun. We got to go to a member’s home, which was newly built, so my style and to-die-for, and do our dressforms there. No one brought one to pad out, which was fine by me. It’s really easy enough to do those on your own if you have a few simple guidelines in place. Debbie Cook has a great tutorial here. In fact, that’s what I followed when I did mine.

The other ladies were doing the paper tape dressform. We followed this process by Connie Crawford. I ended up being a taper – the person taping the model. Once you get past the initial uncomfortableness of the whole thing, it’s easy going. You have to really place the tape on the model quite tightly so it is very form fitting. It was really quite comical once the skirt area got done, cuz they couldn’t walk other than like a wind-up doll. I was lucky to have a young model who was slim and easy to tape – no extra bumps and curves like I have to mold the tape around.

I can certainly see why people would want one of these. Once they are done, you have a dressform that is precisely your shape, reflecting your swayback, high hip, whatever body distinctions you have that make you uniquely you. However, if your body is changing in shape, like losing weight, it seems like an awful lot of work to go through when you’ll just need to redo it again once your body shape and size stabilizes.  Maybe once I get my body where I want it, I’ll make one of these.

Oh, and speaking of changing body shapes, my hairdresser said I looked “smaller”. She hadn’t seen me in two months! And last night I could see my ankle bones!! Miracle of Miracles. Do you suppose the docs were right? One way or another, I’m determined to find out.


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