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Project Organization and Clutter Moratorium

June 10, 2007

Today I’m going to start readying the house for the floor install. I have given this some thought, and I think the first place to start – oddly enough – is in the garage. I’ve got a two car garage and it’s full of complete crap. Well, maybe not all crap, but everything is completely unorganized. My son-in-law asked for a hammer last weekend and I couldn’t find it! Tools scattered everywhere, empty boxes, toys, clothes to go to Goodwill…YUK.

So I figure what I’ll do is clear one wall on the side where I would not park my car – if I could get it in there – and line up a row of shelving units. (I have shelving units already, they are just in all different shapes and sizes and that drives me nuts too. So uniform shelving is in order here.)

Then once the empty shelves are aligned along the wall, I figured I’d tape labels up on them like Gardening Stuff, Tools, Collectibles and Memorabilia, Households, Craft Stuff, and so on. Then, when sorthing the stuff in the middle of the garage everything goes either on a shelf in a bin, or out the door to sell, freecycle, or throw away.

I won’t worry too much about how things are stored in the shelves right now, other than getting some clear containers from Target to dump the stuff in. The objective right now is to just get things grouped logically together so that I can see what I have, and make room to clear out the inside of the house. I’ll use the extra shelving units that I won’t keep as temporary storage for the stuff from inside. Even the stuff from inside the house will eventually need to be sorted because I have too much crap.

It just hit me. I am embarking on a Clutter Moratorium! No more buying stuff that is going to just end up in a yard sale in a year or two. Gee, I wonder how much money I’ll save that way? Enough over time for a new sewing machine, I’m sure!

  1. June 10, 2007 9:42 am

    starting in the garage makes perfect sense. i’m guessing a good deal of the stuff in there is from other attempts at decluttering. “oh, i’ll put in the garage to deal with later.” we did that a lot in our old house. when we moved, i swore no room would become a “deal with it later” room. we have a tv that died and needs to go to the dump. i have left in the family on purpose. if it is in the way, we will be forced to deal with it. unfortunately, hubski is in europe and i can’t pick it up. i am hoping a neighbor will be going to the dump and will take it for me.

    when we lived in temporary housing while waiting for this house to be built, i learned just how little we really need. when you clear out the house for the floors, this could be could be a chance for you to see how much stuff you really don’t need. don’t move everything back in at once. leave stuff in boxes in the garage. only bring stuff back in as you need it. in 6 months, you might still have a ton of stuff you haven’t touched. you might decide some of that stuff can just go away.

  2. Jessica permalink
    June 10, 2007 3:27 pm

    Good luck! My garage is in great shape but it is the basement that I have the problem with. We recently went through the shelves and boxes some and cleaned out what I didn’t need or used. I packed it all up and took it up to my niece who lives in a lakeside community which has a big community event in July. During that week some of the residents have garage sales for the whole week. Sooo…I took a truck load up to my niece’s place and said…its your’s…keep what you like, sell the rest and keep any money you make…
    She is presently on maternity leave and just found out she is pregnant again so she can use the extra bit of money. I could probably take her another load before July if I tried hard enough.

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