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All Play and Very Little Work

June 24, 2007

Well, sorta. It’s been a good weekend. Seattle weather today isn’t very accomodating for much of anything outdoors, although yesterday was fairly nice. I did get my walk in yesterday (two and a half miles, yay!) so I made up for the not walking on Friday.

Today, it’s off and on drizzly, windy, and a bit cool (low 60s). I did get some things boxed up yesterday, and spent a lot of time on the computer last night while elevating my feet. This morning I was up early again, boxing more stuff up, and the downstairs is almost ready. Just need to move the boxes to the garage, get rid of a teak table and chairs, and a few other minor things.

Yesterday I was playing with my new camera. I had bought myself a nice Canon camera on sale in April. I tried out a few of the settings while enjoying the roses in my yard. These roses are blooming in spite of my neglect. Here’s the one that’s right outside my back door.


Here it is with a different setting on the camera. This one will get printed and framed. I think it’s so cool.


And here’s the honeysuckle that’s climbing over my back fence and just starting to bloom and be so fragrant.


Okay, time to get back to work. I think I get to see my darling grandson today as well. I’ll grab some new pics of him as well, and then back them all up to CD!

Have a great Sunday!


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