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Getting Real

June 30, 2007

Monday, after I get back from my stress echocardiogram, Home Depot is delivering the hardwood for the upstairs and the tile for the kitchen. They will hold the hardwood for the downstairs until later this month. Wow. This is real now – actually, it will feel real when they arrive on Monday. The plan is that the hardwood will acclimate to the house, and then around July 12 or so we will schedule the installation for upstairs and the kitchen. They recommended this, and then waiting a week or so to get everything moved back upstairs, and then do the downstairs. Makes sense to me.

Today I was up early at 5:30, after only about 5 hours of sleep, and finished getting stuff staged to go to the garage. My son-in-law came over with my daughter and the kids (they played outside while SIL helped out), as did a coworker/now friend and his wife. They brought their doggie too. Dang, now why didn’t I take pictures? Because I’m so tired and rummy, I just didn’t think about it.

So we got the upstairs emptied out except for the beds and the TV in my room, and the dining table in my sewing room. (I use that for my cutting table.) I have budgeted about $60 for the installers to move the beds and TV. We do still have to live here, so it’s worth it. I think the neighbors probably thought I was moving. They wish. HA!

My sewing room is EMPTY. Oh my. Everything is gently placed in specifically chosen spots in the garage. I boxed all my fabric up in plastic clear tubs so they’d be cared for nicely. (They’ll only be there for about three weeks anyway.)

I just posted on to get rid of some extra furniture that I just don’t like anymore and doesn’t fit my house (size) or decor (look). 

I’m going to get new furniture for my sewing room – I just transferred the money to savings, so YEAH! I saw some closets in a fellow ASG member’s home and thought these would be perfect for my fabric collection.


I really like the frosted glass, so you can see a hint of what’s in there, but the fabric is protected from sunlight and dust. One of my readers mentioned the fading aspect of having your fabric out in the open and I had never considered that before. It’s a good tip.

So, I’m thinking of this cabinet at one end, and a connected matching table top that then connects to a chest of four drawers like this (ignore the mismatched wood for now… I have a plan.)


Now, I have to look at these drawers in person, but it seems like these would be great for patterns, notions, laces, and so forth. The two designs here are different, but they both have similar components. I have to see them in person, with my flooring sample, to decide which ones I want.

But first……….. now that the furniture is all out, boy do the walls need a good coat of paint. (Well, actually, the entire upstairs is going to get painted.) How fun. Now I’m going to take my fabric swatch of the curtain material for my sewing room to Lowes and pick up some paint swatches. My back is feeling much better that I think I can do the painting myself. I just still can’t do the ceilings, and I’ll hire some college students or something to do that.

I promise to take pictures and keep you posted. Oh, and not a drop of rain today! Yes indeedy. Makes me a very happy Little Miss.

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  1. July 1, 2007 3:14 am

    how exciting!! love the cabinets you have selected. so jealous that you have ikea and i don’t. 😦 it will gorgeous when it’s all done.


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