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Get a Little Crazy

July 4, 2007


Happy 4th of July – Independence Day to those of us here in the United States. To the rest of you, have a happy Wednesday.

Someone young, handsome ~ and male ~ yesterday asked me what would happen if I let loose and went crazy. He meant that in a nice, flirting sort of way. He didn’t mean be someone I’m not; he meant loosen up and fly free, enjoy life, do the things that I want to do to have fun. I really don’t know the answer to that, since I’m so used to being responsible, mature, and all together.

(On a side note, I have no idea any more how to handle men who flirt with me. I used to know, but after the last long relationship and the judgmentalism that accompanied it, I’m afraid that someone will see inside my shell and my life and find fault with how I manage my life and my relationship with my children. The last one did.  I know – that was one man, and others aren’t so judgmental. Still, it’s my fear that I won’t be perfect enough. This man told me that from where he sat there was absolutely nothing to be insecure about. Wow. This girl needed to hear that. Especially from a younger man. Wow.)

Maybe I’ll borrow my daughter’s holiday glasses (above), take Lily, and go find out what it’s like to just play. I’ll let you know just how adventurous I decide to be today.

Will I go have fun and do silly (but safe) things? Or will I be responsible and keep working on the stuff at home that leads to the decluttering of my house (so I can have friends over) and to the ultimate reduction of stress and increase of serenity? Maybe I’ll do a bit of both.

I’ll let you know.

And the puppies say Happy 4th here too.


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