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Summer Color

July 17, 2007


 Ten reasons why I love summer:

  1. Watermelon. I can eat as much of this as I want and not worry about calories.
  2. Sandals. I love any excuse to ditch the nylons that suffocate my legs.
  3. Suntan. I look better with a slight tan on my skin, and my arms tan very easily.
  4. Sunshine. I crave sunshine and warmth. Must be a slight seasonal affective disorder (SAD) in me.
  5. Roses. I love roses and their fragrance. In fact, any fragrant flower fills my soul with joy. Like the honeysuckle when it’s in full bloom on my back patio.
  6. Sundresses and skirts. That’s really two things, but they’re in the same category.
  7. Beaches and pools. I love to swim and be near the water and I don’t do near enough of it in the summer.
  8. Walking. It’s so much easier to get out and walk when it’s warm and sunny, than in the cold and rain. I am not a gym person.
  9. Open windows at night. I love the fresh air and summer breeze gently blowing across my room as I sleep.
  10. Fresh vegetables and fruit. The choices are so much better and more abundant in the summer. My faves: artichokes, zucchini, corn on the cob, nectarines, and oh, watermelon.

What are the things you love about summer?

  1. July 18, 2007 2:33 am

    You just really made me want some watermelon! LOL. I love PEACHES!!!! They are always good but SO much better during the summer!!! Longer lazy days…..more time with family…not as many restrictions on time! LOL great entry!

  2. July 19, 2007 4:48 am

    I love the casual-ness of summer.

    Warm breezes.


    Toddlers with chubby little legs and feet sticking out.

    Wearing skirts.

    Flowers, especially morning glories, coneflowers, delphiniums, hollyhocks, etc….

    The sound of the fan at night.

  3. July 19, 2007 3:04 pm

    gorgeous photo of the watermelon….

    why i love summer…..because it is not winter. 🙂 i despise the cold, being cold, having to wear a zillion layers, the gray skies. i am totally a summer girl. that’s why i love southern california so much…it is summer all year long.

    summer also means no school, no getting up early, no packing lunches, no dealing with homework and projects, no testing.

    summer means beautifully blank pages on my calendar. it gives me time to let my mind wander, explore new ideas, and create.

    summer means going to the beach. i love the sound of the ocean and having my hair whipped into a frenzy by the wind. i love the smell of sunscreen and sand. every time i go to the beach, i bring home a jar of sand. i open it when i need to smell the beach. my current jar is losing it’s smell. totally time to visit the beach again.

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