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Inspiration for Design

July 22, 2007

I get my color inpiration from nature. Nature has a way of perfectly color coordinating everything. For my bedroom, I want a calm, serene beachy feel. Gaylen pointed me towards Creative Little Daisy blog as her rooms are close to what I’m picturing. I browsed around, and in fact, found something wickedly close to what I envision: this “Dunes” photo of Autum’s. (You’ll have to click to see it, because I think for me to paste it here is a copyright violation, so I won’t.)

Now, that I have something very, very close to my inspiration piece, I need to take my daughter to Lowes. She has the best eye for color matching I’ve ever seen. When we were picking out colors yesterday, we started at Home Depot. I had to return something there, so I looked at the color chips and eventually found just what I was looking for. But since I don’t like their paint and prefer Lowes, we went to Lowes. Needing to find a matching paint chip at Lowes, we walked over to one of the displays. From about eight feet away, my daughter spotted it. She went right up to it, pulled it out, and it was a PERFECT match to the one I’d brought with me from Home Depot. That’s why I say I need to take her. I’ll show her my inspiration piece, and she can help me find the right wall paint.

From this picture, I think I want to pull up the taupey sandy color of the dunes as my wall color, and then use the blues of the sea for my draperies and bed linens. I’ll have white (rather slightly off-white) furniture and you already know the floor color, so I think this will be a lovely color combination.

Picked straight from nature. Thanks, Autum for the inspiration.

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  1. July 27, 2007 6:18 pm

    Oh Claire any one of those shades of blue will make the most peaceful and calm bedroom! Can’t wait to see which one you’ve chosen…

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